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It’s kinda obvious, we sell milk!! “But only milk for the last 60 years? Surely there’s gotta be more to it?” Well there is… The year is 1956 and great grandad has docked in Durban. Fresh off the boat with his Bombay swagger he hustled his way to the big city. One night as he sat on his couch in awe of his journey thus far, all he desired was a simple cup of tea only to find he did not have any milk. Door to door he went knocking but to no avail. Udderly disappointed, he returned home reminiscing of his childhood, fresh from the cow, milk tea. But then it hit him. I am in the land of opportunity, it’s time to milk it. Literally. And so began Bombay dairy. Fresh Milk to your door. The rest is history. An acclaimed history at that too! Rumour has it that our milk gave rise to the cereal industry… Anymoo, Sixty years and three generations later, nothing much has changed. If you want nothing but to sit on your couch in awe of your latest Instagram post while having a toasted cheese or ice cream or cereal or yoghurt or coke or crisp or biltong or chocolate or just a simple cup of tea… we got you covered.

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