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We are an online company providing the consumer an alternative to conventional fashion. Driven by passion with 25yrs experience in the optical industry as an optometrist.
The main products which are sunglasses and watches are mainly wood based products which are bio-degradable and eco-friendly made out of bamboo or recycled wood. The wooden watches are handmade, very stylish and are available in various wood finishes.
The frames are comfortable and light weight and the styles are able to fit most face shapes and are well priced for the consumer who enjoys a refreshing and distinct styling. Choose from our ready to wear options which are either modern, contemporary, high fashion, classic or conservative styles… or opt for our made to order option.
The “ready to wear” option can be lazer engraved for a more personal and customized touch for a gift to that special someone or just to say “thank you”.
The lenses are high quality polarized lenses which enhance visual comfort by reducing glare in bright light conditions and are available in various colours.
So, whether its whole day in the sun, a walk in the park, getting a tan in the sun or a quick dash to the store…. Don’t leave home without it.
If you “young” or “young at heart” or if you like contemporary with a modern flair.
Make the shift from the conventional.

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